Flamingo Benefit Party 2015


And a great time was had by all! The AUSA Sunshine Chapter flock, adorned in flamingo shirts, made for a great night!  What else could happen when you bring 100 people together for a great purpose?  Bob and Trish Acevedo once again opened their beautiful and warm home to holiday revelry and fundraising.  What gracious hosts!  Cask and Larder catered with tantalizing dishes and service.  Then it was down to business.  Terri Wallace from the Camaraderie Foundation reminded us that the results from last years benefit party provided 150 scholarships for those affected by the invisible wounds of war.  “Doug”s testimonial reminded us of the value of the scholarships and the support to veterans.  We thank him for his courage to relate his story.  This years party raised over $25,000!  How you ask?  Well a little prodding and arm twisting from the silver tongued devil himself leading the “auction” — Mr. Pete Marion — will get you to buy plenty of tickets!  Pete really knows what he is doing.  Just ask a few of the multi-prize winners… buy enough tickets and you too could win!  What made the nights total complete was a matching grant from Fifth Third Bank.  Talk about putting your money where your mouth is!

Thanks also go to the committee led by Mike Zarbo with support from Wells Barlow, Bonnie Barlow, Mike Flanagan, Karen Zarbo, Dana Plumtree, Ray Vause, Mona Exter, Pete Marion, Carol Marion and Mike Landers.

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