Thank You From Our Troops!

This is what it is all about!!

Sunshine Chapter of the AUSA, 
Thank you very much for your overwhelming support of our Soldiers
during this holiday season. The care packages you provided substantially
improved the morale of C Co 2-124 IN. Myself, the C Co commander 1LT
Knopfle, our chaplain CPT Sellon, and a group of around 10 Soldiers made
stockings with the contents of the packages and distributed them on
Christmas Eve to the Soldiers. The Soldiers greatly appreciated the
stockings and it helped them feel a little closer to home. On Christmas Day
one of my Squad Leaders SSG Waters and our Chaplain took stockings to a
family that lives right outside our camp and gave them to the children
there; as you can imagine the kids were overjoyed, the parents were in tears
due to your generosity. I have attached a picture of some of the Soldiers
receiving packages. Please pardon some of the guys in the pictures they
were very excited about the packages and just can't take anything seriously.
Thanks again and C Co 2-124 IN wishes all of you a Happy New Year.

1SG Jeremiah Marenda
C Co 2-124 IN

IMG_4392 IMG_4394

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